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In looking at my fabrics you may have a question or an idea. Please feel free to contact me at I will try to answer your questions to the best of my ability.

I have been working with fabrics for almost 50 years and have seen them come and go. I try to choose fabrics that I think most people will like and will want to use in their projects or quilting endeavors. Sometimes questions come up that are not noted in the description. This is when you need to contact me and ask away.

If you are working on a project and have a question about a color, I can help you decide from this and point you in the right direction as to what colors would look best.

Also, if you have a iPad, I would be happy to do facetime with you. I can also give you a virtual tour of my studio and show you the fabrics you are interested in right on the screen. Just type in and hit send. You will get me and we can chat about the fabrics and projects you are working on.
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