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Some fabric hobbyists have the question where can I find a Elmo fabric? If you are one of those people then you have found the right website and right web page. Not only do we carry Elmo fabric but we have a lot of fabrics and sizes that feature famous characters. There are a lot of fans M&M’s, Monopoly, Wizard of Oz and many other famous characters. Here we have the M&M fabric that features all of the M&M colors making funny faces. We have different sizes of fabrics which have different famous characters. The wizard of oz fabric panel quilt squares come in panels as the monopoly pieces fabric is provided by the yard.

We also have over on the Christmas Holiday Fabric page an M&M fabric for the holidays. If you are an oldies fan we have a star trek print fabric coming soon. You can use this star trek print fabric to create home wall décor and collectible quilts. It will be coming soon. A lot of the fabric that we provide can be purchases by the panel, fat quarter and yardage. This way you can get they amount that you need with out feeling like you waste what you don’t use. One of our top famous characters is the wizard of oz fabric. The Dorothy Wizard of Oz fabric panel quilt blocks is very affordable and is made with 100% cotton. The fabrics we offer are created by well known suppliers such as Springs Industries, Quilting Treasures, Camelot Cottons and more highly trusted brands. Please visit my blog platinumsonsewsblog.com for articles and updates on new products and information. Enjoy browsing our famous character fabrics as well as other fabrics that I offer.

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