1. Kona Cotton Tuxedo Honey Bun
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    Kona Cotton Tuxedo Honey Bun

    Price:  $9.95

    Spice up your formal get together using a design with our white and black tuxedo honey bun. The blend of black and white makes for an elegant appearance for studio theatre decorations for a theatrical classic play. You can also use the tuxedo honey bun fabric to make a wide variety of other items from quilts to clothing items.

    Each honey bun is cut 1 ½” wide by 44” in length and comes with 20 strips. With the Kona cotton tuxedo honey bun you will receive 10 strips of white fabric and 10 strips of the black fabric to complete the 20 strips needed for the honey bun. All honey buns and jelly rolls are cut with the Accu-Quilt Studio Die Cutter for better accuracy with each cut. Please take a look around the rest of my store for more fabric options and varieties.

    5 Tuxedo Honey Buns Available

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