1. Solid Black Kona Honey Bun
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    Solid Black Kona Honey Bun

    Price:  $9.95

    This listing is for (1) black honey bun of fabric. The solid black Kona cotton honey bun is the perfect fabric for any possible use as the shade goes great with any other shade or color. If you aren’t sure what a “Honey Bun” is when it comes to fabric I’ll explain. A honey bun is strips of fabric that are cut 1 ½ inches wide by the width of the fabric which is generally 43 to 44 inches. Each honey buy comes with 20 high quality strips.

    The black honey bun Kona cotton is cut with the highly accurate Accu-Quilt Die Cutter. This way we know that each honey bun black Kona cotton fabric has the most precise cut. This makes for a much higher quality fabric. I hope you found what you are looking for with this solid black Kona cotton honey bun. Also please visit the rest of my store for more varieties of fabric.

    5 Honey Buns Available

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