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Kona Cotton Honey Buns

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Welcome to my Kona Cotton Honey Buns category this is where we feature all of our honey buns. We offer these honey bun fabric strips at affordable low prices that suite your budget. Right now there are only a few Kona cotton honey buns posted but we will be putting up a lot more. Our quilting fabric honey bun selection is quite large filled with solid honey buns. A quilting fabric honey bun consists of 20 strips of fabric at 1 ½” x 43/44” this is the usual measurements for honey buns. The Kona cotton solid honey bun is a fabric that you can do just about anything with and it is Robert Kaufman honey bun created by Robert Kaufman. Honey bun fabric strips are becoming more and more popular as the days go by. They are very convenient for smaller projects so you don’t feel guilty about throwing away an amount of the fabric.
The Kaufman quilting fabric honey bun fabrics can be used for a lot of different things such as quilts, crafts, apparel and home décor items. You will be satisfied with our Kona cotton honey bun fabric strips with the quality and with the turn out of your project that you are working on. We have a variety of Kaufman solid honey bun colors that you can mix and match to create a colorful quality quilt. We will be posting articles on the Kona cotton solid honey bun as well as many other honey bun fabric strips on my blog for you to take a look at. I hope you enjoying browsing the Kaufman quilting fabric honey bun selection that we currently have and remember we will be adding many more honey buns to this selection.

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