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Kona Cotton Jelly Rolls

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Kona cotton jelly rolls are 100% cotton pieces of fabric which are 2 ½” x 43/44” and come with 20 strips per jelly roll. We have some very eye appealing solid jelly rolls. One of the most popular Kona cotton solids jelly roll is the Kona Cotton Black Jelly Roll Fabric that we offer. It has a deepened dark black appearance which can match with any color or design of fabric available. The second most popular Robert Kaufman jelly roll solids is the Kona Cotton Tuxedo Jelly Roll which consists of black and white strips resembling a tuxedo. This Kona cotton jelly roll is a very good choice for crafting projects and home décor ideas. It can also be combined with any other color, style and design of fabric because white and black together go with anything and still looks great.
Kona cotton is a very well known and trusted fabric. We believe that you will be overly satisfied with every single Kona cotton jelly roll and Robert Kaufman jelly roll fabric that we offer. Please continue to browse and take a look around the rest of my store and if you didn’t find the Robert Kaufman jelly roll that you were looking for you can always contact me via email and I’ll be able to answer your questions. We are still uploading new fabrics and new Kona cotton jelly rolls weekly so you can check back frequently and also visit my blog to see more updates for new products and a new Kaufman Kona cotton jelly roll as they become available. I hope you enjoy the fabrics and the Kona cotton jelly roll items I have to offer and come back soon.

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