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Black and Red Kona Cotton Jelly Roll



Here I have the listing for one (1) black and red kona cotton jelly roll of the fabric pictured. There are two colors in this jelly roll, black and red Kona Cotton by Robert Kaufman.

This Kona fabric is so nice to the touch. You will receive 20 - 2-1/2" x 44" strips. There are 10 of the black and 10 of the red included in each black and red kona cotton jelly roll.

All jelly rolls and honey buns are now cut on the Accuquilt studio die cutter in my studio. This insures precision and accuracy each and every time.

PLEASE NOTE: Any roll from 10 strips to 100 strips may be called a "jelly roll". By calling it this, you know you will be receiving 2-1/2" wide strips. The manufacturers usually make up 40 strips but a lot of people don't need 40. That is why I do 20. You need 40 (?) ah.. buy two and you have your 40!!

I am offering a special price on all my Kona jelly rolls along with FREE SHIPPING!!

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