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Red White and Black Kona Cotton Jelly Roll


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We have this visually appealing red white and black Kona cotton jelly roll on display for you today. It is a Kona cotton fabric created by Robert Kaufman and we have it priced at an affordable $12.95 per jelly roll. The reason the black red and white Kona cotton jelly roll is a little more expensive than a lot of the other jelly rolls I offer is because you get an extra strip.

Most jelly roll fabrics I offer come with 20 strips at 2 ½ inch x 43/44 inch. But not the red white and black Kona cotton fabric jelly roll; you get an extra strip of this beautiful fabric. If you have questions or comments about the extra strip included or any questions at all you can email me and I will be able to help you every way I can. Don’t forget that taxes and shipping costs are included in the marked price.

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